June 2020 R.A.D. Award:  Heidi Thompson

Heidi ThompsonHeidi Thompson is the Resident Appreciation in Daybreak (R.A.D.) Award recipient for June 2020. 

Her neighbor says “Heidi connects our Soda Row high rise community socially and practically. We love living in these townhomes but don't have big yards to hang out in.

Heidi has organized a Facebook Page for our community which gets regular information sharing; she organizes block parties where we come out of our garages and bring potluck food, games, and so forth. She's even had a Drive-a-Sac party from our garages during these strange times.

She also does practical stuff like hire a window cleaner (it takes special equipment for our 4-story townhomes) for the neighborhood and it costs each of us much less to have that shared. She's the kind of person we moved here for, and really keeps the neighborhood ticking.”

Heidi was born and raised a Southern California girl (Go NORCO) on a Dairy Farm surrounded by immediate and extended family. She is married to Jim who is from Chicago and has lived in many East Coast states. They moved here from Southern California in 2017. She has 2 adult children with spouses and 1 grand-daughter living in California.

She is the Director of Operations for AmerisourceBergen, the 2nd largest Pharmaceutical Wholesaler in the world.  Her kids like to joke that she is a Drug Dealer, but really she operates a distribution center near the Airport where creating healthier futures for their patients and employees is their life work. 

Her family would say her hobby is her work, but in Heidi’s spare time, she likes to play golf, travels in their travel trailer to visit their kids, eat good food and drink good wine, and of course spend time with friends and neighbors. 

Heidi says “The best way to love where you live, is to create fellowship with your neighbors. I made a commitment that I would do my best to create opportunities for those that want to know their neighbors, more than just their name and the occasional Amazon package exchange. Whether we are doing an Enchilada back up, a kick-off the summer BBQ or Cinco de Mayo Taco Truck, EVERYONE is invited I LOVE MY NEIGHBORS!  My husband and I always tell our friends and family in California, we WON THE LOTTERY when it came to neighbors, 70+, and growing.  Whether we share a wall, a driveway, or just a walkway, the Neighbors of SODA ROW HIGH RISERS are the BEST! “

About the LiveDAYBREAK R.A.D. Award
Giving back is one of LiveDAYBREAK's pillars, and we are looking for a Daybreak resident who personifies this value by helping make our community better. We need your help to identify these types of residents, so we can spotlight and reward them with the LiveDAYBREAK Resident Appreciation in Daybreak (R.A.D.) Award. We will choose one nominee every other month for the award and highlight their good deeds on our website.

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