Santa's Mailbox

LDsantaletter_7_Snow_Edit - CopySanta's mailbox has returned! Santa's little red mailboxes are located inside The Hub and on SoDa Row.
Parents, remember:

  • The program starts on November 21st and will end on December 14th.
  • Please provide a return address with your letter if you want a response. If families drop off multiple letters, please attach them to one another.
  • Please keep in mind this program is intended for Daybreak residents.
  • Feel free to drop off their letters to Santa at either of our "Santa's Mailbox" locations.
    • SoDa Row (outside near CupBop)
      • Address
        11252 Kestrel Rise Rd
        South Jordan, UT 84009
    • The Hub at Biscotts' Bakery & Café (inside)
      • Address
        6172 W Lake Avenue
        (801) 295-7930
      • HOURS
        Monday - Saturday: 8 AM - 6 PM
        Sundays: 9 AM - 3 PM 
        (Biscotts is open, but The Hub & Information Studio is closed on Sundays)
  • While the elves try to respond to every letter they receive, the pile of letters increases each year, and we cannot guarantee our volunteers won't miss a letter. Additionally, a return letter is not guaranteed to those outside Daybreak.

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