Santa's Mailbox

Santa's MailboxSanta's mailbox has returned! Santa's little red mailboxes are located inside The Hub and on SoDa Row.

Parents, remember:
  • The program starts on November 22nd and will end on December 15th at noon.
  • Please ensure there is a return address with your letter if you would like a response. If families are dropping off multiple letters, please attach them to one another.
  • Feel free to drop off their letters to Santa at either of our "Santa's Mailbox" locations.
    • SoDa Row (outside near CupBop)
      • Address
        11252 Kestrel Rise Rd

        South Jordan, UT 84009
    • The Hub at Biscotts' Bakery & Café (inside)
      • Address
        6172 W Lake Avenue
        (801) 295-7930
      • HOURS
        Monday - Saturday: 8 AM - 6 PM

        Sundays: 9 AM - 3 PM 
        (Biscotts is open, but The Hub & Information Studio is closed on Sundays)
  • Please keep in mind this program is intended for Daybreak residents. While the elves try to respond to every letter they receive, the pile of letters increases each year, and we cannot guarantee our volunteers won't miss a letter. Additionally, a return letter is not guaranteed to those living outside of Daybreak.

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