Dogs Kept On-Leash: What You Should Know

Why Are Dogs Required to be Leashed in Daybreak?

The canine residents of Daybreak are some of the community’s most valued members. With the variety of walking trails and parks throughout Daybreak, there are few places better to be a dog. 

You may already know that within Daybreak, dogs are required to be on a leash at all times while off the owner’s property. Regardless of the training of a dog, it is important owners obey this rule for several reasons, some of which have been highlighted below.

Respectful of Neighbors

While many of your neighbors may love a run-in with your dog, others may not. In fact, some people have a severe fear of dogs regardless of their breed or size. This fear is known medically as cynophobia and is estimated to affect roughly 1 in 20 people. Those with cynophobia experience trouble breathing, increased heart rate and anxiety when encountering dogs. Having your dog on a leash is courteous to others.

Safety of Your Pet

Keeping your dog on a leash keeps both them safe as well as other dogs. You never know what might spark your dog to run across the street into oncoming traffic or spur them to approach another dog. Having your dog off-leash increases its risk of being injured. Just earlier this year, one Utah dog was critically injured by a dog who was off-leash at a public park.

It’s The Law

Keeping your dog on a leash isn’t just a Daybreak policy - it’s the law to keep your dog on a leash in Salt Lake County.

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