Lake Ice Safety Reminders

With the temperatures dropping and weather patterns changing, winter is just around the corner. Accompanying these changes in temperature usually comes a change in scenery for residents of Daybreak - a frozen Oquirrh Lake. While the ice across the lake may look thick, it is most often quite thin and poses a serious safety risk to anyone getting too close. Below are a few safety tips we encourage all Daybreak residents to consider over the next few months.

  • Keep pets on a leash at all times. 
  • Keep children at arm's length at all times while around the lake.
  • Avoid walking on docks when the lake is frozen. 
  • Never attempt a rescue of a person or pet that has fallen into the lake. Always call 911 and wait for the first responders to arrive.

For more information, please watch the video below featuring the South Jordan City Fire Department.

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