New Waterfowl Management Strategy at Oquirrh Lake

Oquirrh Lake serves as more than just a recreational amenity; it's a crucial habitat for local wildlife, offering refuge to various bird species and waterfowl. As stewards of this valuable resource, it's imperative that we prioritize its safety and well-being for both wildlife and residents alike.

In line with our commitment to preserving the health of Oquirrh Lake, we're implementing a new waterfowl management strategy this spring. Residents may notice the presence of a falconer accompanied by a trained hawk or falcon patrolling the trails surrounding the lake. This method aims to encourage waterfowl to relocate to alternative nesting sites, mitigating potential overcrowding and associated challenges.

Falconry represents a natural and minimally intrusive approach to managing duck populations, prioritizing their welfare while safeguarding the lake's ecosystem. By employing falconry-based abatement, we aim to mitigate risks such as disease, malnutrition, accidents, and mistreatment commonly observed in areas with high duck concentrations.

As responsible stewards of Oquirrh Lake, we remain committed to implementing effective strategies to ensure its continued vitality and sustainability. Together, let's uphold our dedication to preserving this invaluable natural asset for the benefit of our community and its wildlife.

For more information, click here to see our Falconry FAQ.

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