Newest Resident Board Member

The Nominating Committee and Board of Directors are excited to welcome the newest voting resident board member, Richard Piggott. He will begin his two-year term during the Annual Meeting on November 18. Thank you to those residents who participated in the election process. Overall, we received 40% more votes this year than in 2018.  

Richard Piggott - SoDa Row Resident Since 2016  
CandidateRichardI absolutely love and enjoy living in Daybreak and in taking part with the community. From farmers markets, endless parks, relaxing water sports, and quality entertainment, the community has everything one could offer a family. Daybreak is a community that I love being associated with and one of the main reasons I am applying for this position is that I feel I can assist Daybreak in being even more successful. My background has been centered in the field of Civil/Site Engineering with a focus in Land Development. I have been involved in the design of several key retail, commercial and residential projects in the state of Utah over the past 25 years. They have included large and small retail developments, office/warehouse developments, residential subdivisions, parks, stream realignment, pipeline relocation, etc. In the last years of my consulting career, I have been more focused in site design and project management, having been given the position of Senior Project Manager with my latest firm.

Some of the pertinent skills I can bring to Daybreak are:

  • 25 years of expertise in the civil design of retail, commercial, residential, and institutional developments.
  • 12 years of entitling land throughout the State, including difficult projects for companies like Walmart.
  • Ability to apply value engineering so as to receive the best project for Daybreaks dollar.
  • Experience with Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Government Officials, Planning Commission, etc.
  • Strong communication skills, both oral and written.
  • Strong desire to learn and expand my skills through training.
I have structured my career to work in the Land Development Profession and look forward to applying that knowledge to working with Daybreaks Board of Directors. Through the years I have learned how to work with people and help them understand the process of development. I can simplify complex code requirements and apply common sense to help all parties be successful. I know my background would help me understand the issues that will be brought before the board and be able to keep the community informed. I plan to represent, to the best of my abilities, the whole of Daybreak. I live in the community and hope to for a long time.

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