Spring Into Fitness

This year's Spring into Fitness program will get you outside to enjoy a walk or run. Whether you are just getting started or want to increase your endurance, we have four plans for any fitness level. The seven-week program begins May 3 and each week we will email you the training schedule.  Each training level and its full 7-week fitness plan is also listed below for reference.  You can choose from walking all the way up to training for a 10K. 

The 7-week plans will help you prepare for a FUN RUN around the lake on June 19. Be sure to sign up on RecDesk to join the Spring into Fitness program. Participants who complete the Fun Run get a t-shirt and free fitness class so sign up today! Please note that we are limited to 50 participants. 


Four Levels: 

1. Walking Plan 
Spring Into Fitness Walking Plan Table

2. Run/Walk Plan
Spring Into Fitness 10k Plan Table

3. 5K Training Plan
Spring Into Fitness Walking/Running Plan Table

4. 10K Running Plan 
Spring Into Fitness 5K Plan Table

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